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$100,000.00 Winner of the Sweepstakes American Sweepstakes Cash Sweepstakes XIX

William D.
Anchorage, AK
I was pleasantly surprised when I received your call, George, advising me that I had won the Sweepstakes prize of $100,000.00. But, I must admit, there was considerable doubt that it was true. I'm sure you can understand that feeling, with the numerous come-on pitches that are prevalent today.

However, you were very sincere on the phone, and I lost much of my doubt, and decided that I would wait to see the check. Now that I have put the check in the bank, I can no longer say I have never won anything of value.

I have, over the years, ordered numerous items from Sweepstakes American Sweepstakes, and have always been satisfied with the items purchased. But again, I must admit, this was the best order ever, that I mailed to any firm. I believe that most of us who order items from your firm probably fill out that particular block on the order form, with skepticism, that says we might win a prize. Well, I now can state that it can happen, and does.


$10,000.00 Winner of the Sweepstakes American Sweepstakes Cash Sweepstakes XVI

Joseph A.


$1,000.00 Winner of the Sweepstakes American Sweepstakes Cash 
Sweepstakes XV

Patricia H.
New Orleans, LA
IBM Laptop Computer Winner in the 
$ Ten Million Dollar $ 
Sweepstakes American Sweepstakes Giveaway

Orleeta O.
Canton, OH

Nancy S.
West Virginia  
From Nancy:
"Thanks to my being the Winner of $55,000.00 I have been able to pay all my bills and get food in the house.

Believe me I know now that these sweepstakes are really true. I have been entering [them] for 35 years and never, in my lifetime, thought I would be a winner. This is a first and I hope not the last time I become a winner. These sweepstakes are really true and so are their products.

My husband and I are both over 60 years and he is officially retired. We went from a weekly paycheck to a monthly. Now how happy do I sound as a winner

My prayers were answered as I hope others will be.

Thanks again,
Nancy S."


Mary O.
Arlington, TX


Reginal H.

Roxboro, NC

Minnie C.

Decatur, GA

Birdia A.

Wellsville, KS

Carl C.

Beaufort, NC

Richard S.

Crandall, TX

April M.

Toledo, OH

Harry N.
Chicopee, MA

Dave & Jeannie R.
Harrisburg, OR

Kathleen W.
Missoula, MT

Charlie W.
Seaside, CA

Thomas L.
Hallock, MN

Nancy B.
Page, AZ

Charles L.
Rushville, IN

Ethelynn L.
Ganadom, AZ

Agness N.
Wickenburg, AZ

Venetia B.
Pinehurst, NC

Danita R.
Hempstead, TX

Jeanne R.
Waterloo, IA

Janice P.
Cloverdale, IN

Myrel G.
Elgin, SC

Joe C.
Lake Lure, NC

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